InfluxDB JDBC Driver?


I am software architect for a BI / Visualization software company. One of our clients already makes use of InfluxDB, and wishes to bring it into their visualization stack. I am looking to provide them a LOE for this development.

We’ve abstracted our architecture to easily plug in with most JDBC driver, and I noticed that there is a CLI only SQL-like query capability. Is there any chance of a JDBC driver in the works for the near future?

Other than the CLI are the only other 2 ways to query through the Java SDK and the REST API (below)?

Thanks for any information.


Hi! Right now, the best way to interface with InfluxDB in Java is to use the REST API or the Java client. We don’t currently have plans to expand those offerings.

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Thanks! Just wanted to be sure before I began development for them!

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Is this still the current position in regards to interfaces?



Yeah, still the API and client lib for Java. :+1:

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