InfluxDB doesnt find any values

When I try filtering InfluxDB doesnt show any values.

If device is selected there a no values. If I select groupaddress there a values.
But i dont know why

@user642 Have these points been written since you loaded the Data Explorer? Sometimes it takes a refresh to get newly written tag values to appear in the query builder.


I use this

from(bucket: “Temp”)
|> range(start: -48h)
|> filter(fn: (r) => r[“_measurement”] == “Gaszähler(aktueller Zählerstand)”)
|> aggregateWindow(every: 1h, fn: last, createEmpty: false)
|> rename(columns: {source: “physicaladdress”})
|> set(key: “manufacturer”, value: “arcus-eds”)
|> set(key: “device”, value: “KNX-IMPZ1-SK01”)
|> set(key: “source”, value: “KNX”)
|> set(key: “agg_type”, value: “hourly”)
|> drop(columns: [“host”])
|> to(bucket: “Gas Langzeit”)

for writing my data into bucket “Gas Langzeit”

When i first filter for “agg_type” = hourly
and then filter for “device” i see nothing.
This also happens with “manufacturer” “source”
But if i filter for “unit” “physicaladdress” “groupaddress” “_measurement” “_value” there are entries

All the data is the same _measurement at the moment. And all tags are the same.

Have you refreshed the browser tab since you’ve written the new data?

yeah i did this.

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Do the timestamps on the data you wrote fall within the time range defined in the dropdown in the top right of the query builder (below the data visualization)? In the screenshot above, it’s querying the “Past 3h.”

yes. I can also change the timerange to “Past 24h”. It doesnt make any difference.

I think something is wrong with these statements. The original tags i just copy into the new bucket i can always find.
Also the one I just rename works okay.

Well thats strange. If I play a little bit and changing “Filter” back and forth now I can see the missing entrys. But if I load the tab again they are gone again. Then playing a little bit again and then it works again…

Maybe its just a bug.

So i guess my query is correct?

It may be a bug and might be worth reporting:

I created a task and did an 1:1 copy of this measurement to a new bucket.

from(bucket: “Gas Langzeit”)
|> range(start: -48h)
|> filter(fn: (r) => r[“_measurement”] == “Gaszähler(aktueller Zählerstand)”)
|> to(bucket: “justfortest”)

Then I go to Data Explorer und select my new bucket and everything is okay.