Influxdb docker image memory issue

I have recently deployed influxdb using the official docker image. However, I will encounter write timeout whenever, the memory usage reaches 1Gb. The docker container is created with 8GB ram.

Belong is my config,

"Config": {
    "AttachStderr": false,
    "AttachStdin": false,
    "AttachStdout": false,
    "Cmd": [
    "Domainname": "",
    "Entrypoint": [
    "Env": [
    "ExposedPorts": {
        "8086/tcp": {}
    "Hostname": "9e338154d88e",
    "Image": "influxdb:latest",
    "Labels": {
        "": "vcm3hdheg7m1r6vnod6xdgyum",
        "": "s5385gxt9pnbb55y595yyj6ur",
        "": "influx",
        "com.docker.swarm.task": "",
        "": "zodo5rzedn0q7w00nfidx1z43",
        "": "influx.2.zodo5rzedn0q7w00nfidx1z43"
    "OnBuild": null,
    "OpenStdin": false,
    "StdinOnce": false,
    "Tty": false,
    "User": "",
    "Volumes": {
        "/etc/influxdb2": {},
        "/var/lib/influxdb2": {}
    "WorkingDir": ""

Hello @moxlotus,
Can you please share the exact error you get?
Is your InfluxDB config the default?
Can you share more info on your container creation? Steps to reproduce?
Thank you.