Out if Memory but 1GB of Memory Left

Hi everybody,
i have a running influxdb but after one restart it did not come up. it stops with “Out of Memory” but if i check the Memory with free-h i have more the 1GB left.
System is Docker on armv7 with 4GB of RAM.
I don´t know what the problem is but i am not able to get the DB up.
May someone has a Suggestion for me.
Kind regards

i started the db on another system and there it workes so i think its a kind of armhf thing.
DB is now running in another system

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Hello @matzeeg3,
Thanks for sharing your solution!

Out of interest does the “other system” which you are now running it on also
have 4 Gbyte of RAM, and are you still using Docker?


i still use Docker but with arm64 an 24GB of RAM.