Influxdb connect to port 9092 which is refused


When look into the trace, I can see that influxdb make a connection to the port 9092 which is if I don’t make a mistake the Kapacitor app. Kapacitor isn’t in service, how can I disable this or by default influxdb look for port 9092 ?

Jul 10 08:55:10 localhost.localdomain influxd[20082]: ts=2019-07-10T06:55:10.011949Z lvl=info msg=“Post http://localhost:9092/write?consistency=&db=_internal&precision=ns&rp=monitor: dial tcp [::1]:9092: connect: connection refused” log_id=0GYfK4e0000 service=subscriber

Thanks for your help

Hi @ddebeul ,

you can remove subscriptions

best regards

Thanks Marc, by disabling the subscription I don’t see this request in my log file.