Influxdb Cloud 2.0 Sudden death connection refused


I’ve been using InfluxDb Cloud 2.0 to store data collected from an ESP32 based environment sensor using the following library

Until recently I have had no issues connecting to the Cloud api It’s been working fine for about a month, however as of 30th March, the connection suddenly died and has not be able get the sensor to reconnect to the API.

The debug output seems to suggest that the connection is simply being refused but nothing else.

15:15:23.857 -> [D] HTTP status code - -1
15:15:23.857 -> [E] Error - connection refused
15:15:23.857 -> [D] Leaving data in buffer for retry
15:15:23.857 -> InfluxDB write failed: connection refused

I turned the sensor off completely for a day to see that would resolve the problem but it didn’t.

Anyone else experienced a similar issue or can suggest something?

Kind Regards

Hi Cori,
Can you connect to the instance from the browser?

On March 30th certificate of the server expired and the CA certificate has been changed.
Please, udpate the library, it has been updated, and try it again, please.


Ah, that sounds like the cause of the issue. I will look into updating the library and getting back to you.

edit: Yes, that seems to have been the problem. I’ve updated the library now and it’s working again.

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