ESP32 Arduino IDE v2.0.2 issues


I have an esp32-C3 and I am trying to connect to my influxdb 2 cloud database using the latest version of the influxdb Arduino lib (3.11 I think) and I am getting “connection refused” while writing data. The code is the example (SecureWrite) on the library, and token, bucket, org name and so on is OK given that if I go back to the esp32 ver 2.0.0 it works flawlessly.

What I can see for the arduino changelog is:

" * WiFiSecureClient memory leaks when SSL/TLS connection fails" as a bugfixes


“Don’t clear custom HTTP headers on redirect in HTTPClient”

The complete changelog is here: Release ESP32 Arduino 2.0.2 based on ESP-IDF 4.4-beta1 · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub

Could anyone test it so we can confirm the problem? Any ideas on how to solve the problem?