InfluxDB alerts not sent to endpoint

I configured several checks with an endpoint pointing to a URL
that monitored with an IBM OMNIbus HTTP_message_probe.
Sometimes I don’t get the “ok” events. Sometimes I stop getting any events.
Any known issue? Solution?

Thank you


Hello @natim,
How did you configure your notification endpoint and notification rule?
How did you configure your check?

Hello @Anaisdg, I configured the endpoint as an HTTP post.
Then configured the nco_p_message_bus probe to listen on this URL.
Basically it works but sometimes it misses the “ok” notification when a check is solved and the alarm should be cleared (or other events) .
I also opened a case to IBM and they send me some properties to change, but still this issue keep happening.
When I notice the problem and I restart the probe the connection seems to reestablish again and it works fine for several hours.

Also I configured 2 notification rules:
1 - every 20s if Status is equal to CRIT
2 - every 20s if Status is changed from ANY to ok

Hello @natim,
Are you using an offset?

No. It is on 0s.

Should I use it?

Yah you might be experiencing some read/write conflicts