InfluxDB 2 Backup & Restore Fails

I am working on InfluxDB 2.0.4 and try to understand the backup & restore procedure. So I perform the following steps:

  • full backup: influx backup -t
  • delete engine-directory and influxdb.bolt
  • restore from backup; influxd restore
    Restore fails with the message:
    info Restoring organization …
    Error: Cannot find existing organization: : &influxdb.Error{Code:"", Msg:"", Op:“FindOrganization”, Err:(*influxdb.Error)(0xc000429080)}.
    Error: The instance at “http://localhost:8086” has not been setup. Please run influx setup before issuing any additional commands.

Ann: i tried also to remove the configs file, but it does not make any differences.
What is wrong? Every hint is welcome… Thanks