Influx Retention Policy

Something is quite unclear to me regarding the retention policy. As far as I can understand, if I set the retention policy of a database to 100 days, this means that data (timestamp-value pairs) from the last 100 days will be kept in the database.
So after gathering data for 200 days, I’ll only have the data from the past 100 days.
Is this right?

Is the retention policy active even when no new data is being saved in the database? By that I mean the following: retention policy set 100 days, I start saving data to the database for 10 days and save no further data for the following 100 days.
Will the data from the first 10 days still be available on the basis that the data saved stretches over a period of only 10 days? Or does Influx rather delete every data which is more than 100 days old? Also is it possible to know the timestamp when the data deletion is taking place? By that I mean how often (per minute, hour, day) are retention policies enforced?

A 100 days RP will keep 100 days of data, based on the current time, not on the latest timestamp available in the database.
The RP enforcement interval can be specified in the configuration file and by default it is enforced every 30m.


  • InfluxDB will delete data based on the current timestamp
  • The retention policy enforcement can be configured in the config file, by default the interval is 30m
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Thanks! :slight_smile: