Retention policy not doing its work?

Looks like the retention policy is not working, the idea of setting the retention policy is that data after that date is going to be purged? So why do I still have it?

(ps at setting the retention policy, I deleted samples older)

[@ ~]# influx
Connected to http://localhost:8086 version 1.7.6
InfluxDB shell version: 1.7.8

use collections;
Using database collections
precision rfc3339
select * from interface_tx order by time asc limit 5
name: interface_tx
time host instance type value

2019-05-02T00:00:01.484483146Z c03 tun1 if_packets 9534649
2019-05-02T00:00:01.484490055Z c03 tun1 if_octets 3181992971
2019-05-02T00:00:01.484495104Z c03 tun1 if_errors 36709
2019-05-02T00:00:01.484500411Z c03 tun1 if_dropped 0
2019-05-02T00:00:01.484626996Z c03 eth4.601 if_packets 1554831584

name duration shardGroupDuration replicaN default

autogen 3648h0m0s 168h0m0s 1 true

[@~]# date -d “-152 days”
Sat May 4 21:50:29 CEST 2019

(ps. maybe take into account the influx command line with the formatting options here, so they are not causing some crappy layout, when pasting text)