Retention policy not working?


I’m new to influxDB and running into some problem. I made a retention policy for one week but it’s keep data that’s older than a week. Here’s a screen shot. How does retention policy work? is this because I put the data first then set the policy?

edit- I tried setting the policy then adding the data but it still keeps the data older than one week
edit 2- this is the code I use with InfluxData.Net nuget package. That replication shouldn’t matter since I don’t have multiple nodes. I’ve tried inserting data again and again but it just keeps the old data. How often does InfluxDB enforce the retention policy?
var responsePolicy = await influxDbClient.Retention.CreateRetentionPolicyAsync(“RedisDiagnostic”, “retentionPolicyRedisLog”, “1w”, 1);

Still having this problem…