Influx -execute how to work with it?

Here I have problem We can erase data from mesurement with specific properits in Database like this:
DELETE FROM “mesurement_name” WHERE “Tag_key”=‘Tag_value’
But i want something like this:
influx -execute 'DELETE FROM “6A:7B:8C:9D:1F:02” WHERE “Tag_key”=‘Tag_value’ ’ -database=database_name
But it’s not working why and what schould i do?

Nevermind i found my answer but it’s not trivial

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Hello @JMroz,
Can you please share your solution with the community so they can benefit from your work?
Also so that I can create a feature request to make the UX better?

Yes here is it
influx -execute 'DELETE FROM “6A:7B:8C:9D:1F:02” WHERE “Tag_key”=‘Tag_value’ ’ -database=database_name
We change " " to / /
influx -execute 'DELETE FROM /6A:7B:8C:9D:1F:02/ WHERE “Tag_key”=‘Tag_value’ ’ -database=“database_name” and now it work’s perfectly fine
this one can be used in SELECT command too.
Here exaple for select comand(it’s export all records to csv file from database):
influx -database=“database_name” -execute ‘SELECT * FROM /.*/’ -format csv > TemporaryInfluxDB.csv

its help when some one use influxDB in C# when he execute linux command through /bin/bash “comand” so it can be tricki sometimes