Influx delete: bad behaviour leads to data loss

Running influx delete with only a small syntax error in the --predicate flag deletes ALL data with timestamps between the specified --start and --stop times in the specified bucket.
This way I lost all the data in my bucket when I wanted to delete only certain data!

My proposed solution:
A syntax error in the--predicate flag or an other part of the delete command should cancel the whole delete command and not just ignore the --predicate flag. Ignoring only the --predicate flag leads to this massive data loss.

I think this annoying bug can be fixed quite easily.

@jennerwein I agree this sounds like a pretty serious usability problem. Could you copy-paste an example query into this thread, so I can use it as a test case?

@dan-moran When I used the query

influx delete
–bucket finanz-test
–org ‘privat’
–start ‘2020-01-01T00:00:00Z’
–stop ‘2021-02-22T16:00:50Z’
–predicate '_measurement=“zugriffsliste” ’

everything worked fine. Only data in the measurement zugriffsliste was deleted.
BUT when I put a little syntax error in the --predicate clause all data in the bucket is deleted. (I don’t have data before 2020 in the bucket.) Also all data is deleted if I have an error in the --stop clause, e.g. a stop in the future --stop '2022-02-22T16:00:50Z' .