Influx DB v1.8.4 - Backup problem hard link

I have an influxdb 1.8.4 installation on a PC with Windows 10 IoT. The directories dir= and wal-dir = point to a connected USB stick.
During the backup I get an error message Download shard 2 failed copy backup to file: err=, n=0, the log contains the following entry:
error creating tsm hard link: “link D:\influx\000000009-000000002.tsm D:\influx\global\2\24.tmp\000000009-000000002.tsm: Incorrect function.” {“log_id”: “0mwFaSzW000”, “service”: “snapshot”}

after much research, i suspect that the backup is failing because no hard links can be created on the usb-stick. Unfortunately, I can’t find any input on how to solve the problem. I would be grateful for any help.

Translated with (free version)

such community, much help :slight_smile:
no one? Any hint is helpful, im actually stucked.