Influx adds a random value(sensor value/2) to my database where i m storing to temperature sensor

i dont understand why i keep seing my temp sensor fluctuating when the value is quite stable

the pink one should be has stabble has the blue one,but the min value keeps adding by itself,could someone explain me how i could fix this![Screenshot from 2020-02-24 07-00-07|690x431](

everytime a value is received from mess11 one is added to mess12 automatically,how is that possible?

Interesting question! It’s very difficult to see what’s actually going on from this screen capture. If you could post the raw results from the query where we could see the actual data that would be super helpful.

hii thx you for the anwer


It appears that you aren’t getting a zero-value, but an empty value. Empty and zero are not the same. :slight_smile:
You can filter out rows where a value is non-existent via |> filter(fn: (r) => exists r._value) which should help.

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