Importing CSV data from file

I am trying to import data from a csv file. I am following this tutorial: Here is what my csv file looks like:

When I do Show Measurements, here is what I get:
name: measurements


Are these tables? What am I doing wrong? And how do I take into account other columns, like tx, total, avg.rate, etc.?
Here is a snippet from my .conf file:
data_format = “csv”

Added by Me

Indicates how many rows to treat as a header. By default, the parser assumes

there is no header and will parse the first row as data. If set to anything more

than 1, column names will be concatenated with the name listed in the next header row.

If csv_column_names is specified, the column names in header will be overridden.

csv_header_row_count = 1

Indicates the number of rows to skip before looking for header information.

csv_skip_rows = 0

Indicates the number of columns to skip before looking for data to parse.

These columns will be skipped in the header as well.

csv_skip_columns = 1

The character reserved for marking a row as a comment row

Commented rows are skipped and not parsed

csv_comment = “#”

The column to extract the name of the metric from

csv_measurement_column = “rx”

Columns listed here will be added as tags. Any other columns

will be added as fields.

csv_tag_columns = [“tag_key”]

The column to extract time information for the metric

csv_timestamp_format must be specified if this is used

csv_timestamp_column = “time”

The format of time data extracted from csv_timestamp_column

this must be specified if csv_timestamp_column is specified

csv_timestamp_format = “unix_ns”

Can anyone please assist?

Hello @userman76,
I apologize for the delay.
It looks like your CSV telegraf plugin is working as expected. Since you made csv_measurement_column= "rx", it looks like that’s what you’re getting. What were you expecting to see?
You can add name_override = "mymeasuremeent" to your config if you wish to generate a measurement name and leave out or skip csv_measurement_column= "".