I am stumped with this simple issue. Any help would be great

I’m trying to get some information into Grafana which I’m done many times. Here I’m using telegraf to poll a single router and send the data to InfluxDB, which you can see here is working:


Telegraf file



Now here is the issue, I create a datasource to Influx and try and build a graph and it finds nothing:

I did put a username and password on the influxdb but it seems Grafana doesn’t care:

Now I try a graph:


Also it seems to find my tag, but nothing after too:


What could be the issue?


I can get add the values now, but the tag and agent host don’t come through to select (red arrows)

Sorry for the delay sometimes questions get buried. Always feel free to tag me. What do you mean by it doesn’t come through to select? It looks to me like you can select it?