HTTPS configuration on Ubuntu 20.04

Hello everybody,

I’ve successfully installed InfluxDB 2.1.1 on Ubuntu 20.04, and I run it with no problem with HTTP. But now I need to use HTTPS. I followed the TLS configuration tutorial and I can run the influxd in HTTPS from command line specifying the .crt and .key files, but I don’t succeed in having the service systemd running in such a way that it gets the https configuration.
What should I look at?
Any idea of what I could be doing wrong?
How can I be sure, for instance, that the systemd is running influxd with the correct config file?

So many doubts…
Many thanks for your kind help


Is the service actually running?

I would start by getting some logs from system with the following:

$ journalctl -xe --no-pager -u influxdb

Based on that you should be able to figure out the state of the service and go from there.