How use transpile?

influx transpile ‘SELECT price FROM prices’ - dont work
influx transpile ‘SELECT price FROM prices/autogen’ - dont work

error: “Error: unable to transpile: database is required”


I hate influx docs, this is fck shit…

@victor-trx The FROM clause in your InfluxQL query isn’t valid. Here’s the documentation on the different formats you can use in the FROM clause to specify the database, retention policy, and measurement:

You need to specify the measurement in your query. The example below uses example-measurement as the measurement name:

influx transpile ‘SELECT price FROM prices.autogen."example-measurement"’
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Thanks @Scott for helping out here.

@victor-trx Sorry you had a difficult time with this and weren’t able to find an answer. In the future, please avoid using profanity in the community forums. I don’t expect members of engineering or members of our community to work in an environment that uses profanity or other hostility.

Ryan (VP Engineering)

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Sorry guys for my words. I was on emotions…

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