How to view the status of input plugins in the best way

Hello everybody,
For my project, made with Telegraf and InfluxDB, I’m trying to insert a diagnostic that warns me when a device or an input plugin is no longer reachable. Looking through the InfluxData documentation I found this. from this project Telegraf Internal Input Plugin

I would like to find out if there are better solutions for my situation. Currently this solution only tells me the number of errors for each single plugin. To see multiple plugins in a single chart, I have to enter different input data within the same bucket.
Also, if I have multiple devices within a plugin I can’t figure out which of these devices is in error without viewing the console (my application runs as a service)
Summarizing this is the ultimate goal for this “network monitoring”:

  • Have a suitable view to understand when a certain device is no longer reachable;
  • Write on InfluxDB the error messages present in the Telegraf console, since the error messages are very explanatory;

Would anyone know how to direct me to a better solution or do they have any ideas about it?
It would be nice to combine ideas with others to have an excellent result

Hello @Giu-seppe,
I recommend creating a feature request for that plugin and better tagging.
InfluxDB isn’t optimized for handling logs (right now), so I’m assuming that’s why error messages aren’t included.

Maybe you can use a processor plugin to add a unique tag name for each same input plugin you use?

Ciao @Anaisdg,
The plugin clearly states which one is currently not reachable through this error message, unfortunately, I can’t bring this error to influxDB :frowning:

This plugin allows me to acquire up to 255 devices with a single instance.
For this reason, seeing only the values it is difficult to understand which device is not communicating.
I noticed that a very similar request has already been requested on GitHub at this link: github issues 10245

I can’t understand how that processor can be useful to me. do you have any ideas?

Hello @Mya,
Do you know if there’s a way to accomplish what @Giu-seppe is looking for?
Thank you!

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Following the conversation of that github issue, it seems like there currently isn’t a way to accomplish this (that I know of). Keep following that issue as we will update any progress there. We are also open to reviewing prs that add this functionality.


@Mya thank you for your help!

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