How to use Flux standard library

Hi I know from here: “” there is a library for using flux. What I dont know is how to use that lib nor where to get that lib. Which language is that lib for anyway?

Can anybody help?

Hello @gehlsdorf,
Flux is a functional scripting and query language for InfluxDB. The Flux standard library includes built-in functions and importable packages that retrieve, transform, process, and output data.
It is used by default in InfluxDB v2.x. Flux is packaged with InfluxDB v1.8+ and does not require any additional installation, however it is disabled by default and needs to be enabled .
Look here to enable it in 1.8:

You might also find this blog useful:

Out of curiosity, how did you hear about Flux? Have you used InfluxDB before?

Hi, Thx for reply. I basically know what Flux is and how it is related to InfluxDB. I also already used it via Grafana-Plugin.
What I like to do next, is to code a Go program (or Javascript/TS/ etc. whatever is suitable), which uses the flux stdlib (from I already got the Go package. Do I need to comile that package first before I can do import “influxdata/influxdb/v1”?