Flux and InfluxQL


I’m using the open source version of Influx 1.8.3 currently with the original/old query language enabled.

I would like to export some data from Influx into a SQL database for our CRM system, I think I can do this using Flux’s SQl.to() function

My question is, can I use Flux and the original query language side by side? I ask because all of our tasks are Kapacitor tasks, I want to check if

  1. both work together
  2. if they do, what difference will this make to my Kapacitor tasks?

I don’t want to recreate them all but I’m worried switching to Flux in InfluxDB will break my Kapacitor subscriptions and tasks.



@philb you can use both Flux and InfluxQL in InfluxDB 1.8.3. Enabling Flux will not effect Kapacitor or any other tools using InfluxQL.

InfluxDB 1.8.3 doesn’t provide a way to schedule Flux queries, so any Flux query you run will have to be a one-off or scheduled and executed by a script/service outside of InfluxDB.

Hi @scott thank you for the info.

I had a vague memory it was possible, but i wasn’t sure if that was just during development to get feed back. alas, i couldn’t find it in the docs when i checked again.

So with influx 1.8.3 I would need a script to run the queries on a schedule to copy them over? I can work with that.

Thank you Scott,