How to upload a CSV into the DB with python?

I have a CSV that has over 7500 columns, I have tried to import it via the Console, Python and Line Protocol with no luck.

How can I import it?

The CSV in mention is here:

I have no idea how to get it into InfluxDB I have been trying to for a week now.

Any help would be appreshiated greatly.


I can try something tomorrow and see if I can get it to load. Stay tuned.

OK, I am no expert in this area, and maybe you already know this information, but here’s my take…

The top file shown in the screenshot above is what InfluxDB wants when uploading. Your file (bottom file in screenshot) does not have any of the info required in col. A - I, rows 1 to 4. All of your time series data

I am able to load the top file ( Flux Annotated CSV ) via the Flux Annotated CSV file upload option:

I believe you must re-organize your CSV to follow the format linked above.

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