How to run InfluxDB in localhost ? (Golang)

Hello everyone,

How can I run an InfluxDB program in Go on localhost with port 8086 and without using the InfluxDB cloud URL? I have set up a JSON in which I have these values:

    "API_URL": "http://localhost",
    "BUCKET_NAME": "<my-bucket>",
    "API_TOKEN": "<my-token>",
    "PORT": 8086

But I’ve this :

panic: unauthorized: unauthorized access

goroutine 1 [running]:
main/internal/influxdb.DBQuery({0x12f515c?, 0xc0000061a0?}, 0xc0000b80f0)
draft/influxdb_go_client/internal/influxdb/read.go:66 +0x62a
draft/influxdb_go_client/main.go:22 +0xb5

Not an expert using Go, but I am pretty sure that organization name or organization id is mandatory, also make sure that that token has access to that org and token.