How to group data by daytime (e.g. a 10-minute interval)

I am monitoring our electricity usage in total and several “high consumers” (kitchen appliances, freezer, EV wallbox etc) separately. We are now planning to install solar panels and to decide on the right specs (how much kWp, how much battery capacity, etc) I would like to plot the maximum, average and minimum electricity consumption of our house, grouped by daytime (e.g. in 10-minute intervals) over the last N days.

The input data has datapoints every 10 seconds with the current wattage (consumption).
The output data should be a table listing the max/avg/min consumption of every day at 00:00, of every day at 00:10, etc. (24*6 datapoints per graph).

I can pivot and group and so on, but how do I aggregate data per daytime, regardless of the day?