How to get an output for all MIB files

May I know how to get an output for all mib files locate in /usr/share/snmp/mibs/ to influxDB instead of adding each custom OID field or table inside Telegraf.conf. Thanks

Hello @Manju,
Welcome! I’ve just asked the telegraf team. They’re awesome and should answer soon. Thank you for patience.

Hi @Manju and @Anaisdg. I’m not sure I understand the question. It sounds like you want telegraf to get all fields and tables that the SNMP agent offers, something like a SNMP walk of the hierarchy starting at the root.

There is no way to configure telegraf to do this. Usually people are only interested in a subset of fields or tables available on an agent. Telegraf’s snmp input plugin was designed with this assumption, so you have to configure it to get the ones you want.

Thanks @reimda for your response on this.

Today I tried to add one of the table individually but except string rest all values which are in Integer will provide the details in InfluxDB as an output.

I see this error in influxDB : unsupported input type for mean aggregate: string

oid = “APSYSMGMT-MIB::apSipSessionAgentStatsTable”
name = “SBC-AgentTableStatus”

It looks like InfluxDB is trying to find the mean of a field, but that field isn’t numerical, it’s a string. The mean operation is only defined for numerical fields.

If the field originally came from snmp, it’s likely the original snmp agent provides the field as a string, not an integer or floating point type. If it can be converted to a numerical type, you could look into using Telegraf’s converter processor to do so.

@reimda Thank you for your response.

I would like to display string value in the influxDB as it is which is getting from snmp agent. Is there any option to display same string data?