Telegraf performing snmptable instead of snmpwalk



Hello everyone,
I would like to share with you my current struggle to get SNMP info collected with Telegraf and inserted into influxdb

2018-12-18T18:12:49Z D! Attempting connection to output: influxdb
2018-12-18T18:12:49Z D! Successfully connected to output: influxdb
2018-12-18T18:12:49Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.8.3
2018-12-18T18:12:49Z I! Loaded inputs: inputs.snmp
2018-12-18T18:12:49Z I! Loaded aggregators:
2018-12-18T18:12:49Z I! Loaded processors:
2018-12-18T18:12:49Z I! Loaded outputs: influxdb
2018-12-18T18:12:49Z I! Tags enabled:
2018-12-18T18:12:49Z I! Agent Config: Interval:10s, Quiet:false, Hostname:"", Flush Interval:10s
**2018-12-18T18:12:50Z E! Error in plugin [inputs.snmp]: initializing table snmp_mt: getting table columns: exit status 1: Was that a table? OTACS-MIB::otacsMtNumber**

This is the pretty same error I get if I run:

[root@gtomonitoring ~]# snmptable -v2c -c public IP:PORT OTACS-MIB::otacsMtNumber
Was that a table? OTACS-MIB::otacsMtNumber

I was using this configuration:

agents = [ “IP:PORT” ]
version = 2
community = “public”

name = “snmp_mt”
oid = “OTACS-MIB::otacsMtNumber”
inherit_tags = [ “hostname” ]

Indeed, this is not a table, but is it Telegraf supposed to work with SNMPWALK instead of SNMPTABLE?



This is expected, but I don’t think it is necessarily what we want. The only workaround is to specify the fields for the table directly and remove the table OID, but this will use a GET, there is more info on this issue.


Hello daniel, thank you so much for your response.
The only problem is that there are so many fields to be collected and it could be good if we had a way to make a walk on all the fields from an OID.
Do you think it could be a good feature?


Oh, I’ve just seen you are on very advanced discussion about this topic.
And your approach of always use walk sounds nice to me.
Let us hope we can do this happen :slight_smile: