How to find detailed logs about query execution and http response?

I’m investigating why my application that asks data to InfluxDB
(details: from 10 threads, each thread sending one http GET for 3 queries at a time to retrieve data from 3 different measurements)
sometimes seems not to receive the response for a request ( I see a timeout for more than 60s waiting for the response).

I switched on the logs/traces in this way:

  • launch influx with this command line :
    influxd.exe -config ./influxdb.conf 2>“E:\RedirectedLog.txt”
  • in influxdb.conf I set:
    query-log-enabled = true
    log-enabled = true
    access-log-path = “E:/logs”
    level = “debug”

But I cannot see in logs file and RedirectedLog.txt more than messages like these:

::1 - - [07/Jun/2018:15:54:46 +0200] “GET /query?db=ENHPLB&epoch=ms&pretty=true&q=SELECT+%2A+FROM++%22B4E1340F-90D9-4946-B6E2-E657F726D9AB%22+WHERE+time+%3E%3D+1528379685s+AND+time%3C%3D+1528379686s%3B+SELECT+%2A+FROM++%223EEE63AE-CE9D-4418-8602-4FBE54EE9B4F%22+WHERE+time+%3E%3D+1528379685s+AND+time%3C%3D+1528379686s%3B+SELECT+%2A+FROM++%2266D9C8A1-765B-44FB-967D-038A526BC460%22+WHERE+time+%3E%3D+1528379685s+AND+time%3C%3D+1528379686s%3B+ HTTP/1.1” 200 1713 “-” “cpprestsdk/2.10.2” 56b1e626-6a5a-11e8-80bf-000000000000 5454

ts=2018-06-07T13:54:44.535698Z lvl=info msg=“Executing query” log_id=08YdFmiW000 service=query query=“SELECT * FROM ENHPLB.autogen.“C13C783E-FD93-4F6F-A179-08DE5E80C2B2” WHERE time >= 1528379683s AND time <= 1528379684s”

I cannot see anything else, no errors, no details about response.
Something is missing in my configuration? Is it possible to see if the response was sent and when?

thank you