How to enable kapacitor http authentication

Kapacitor 1.3.3

I’m trying to use http basic authentication with Kapacitor.

I’ve set these env variables:

I get an authentication error if I don’t supply a username in the get request. However, the authentication succeeds if I supply only a username, and the username can be anything, e.g.:

curl -G http://foo@localhost:9092/kapacitor/v1/config

The log shows:

[noauth] 2017/11/03 23:06:40 W! using noauth auth backend. Faked authentication for user foo

How do I get true authentication to work?

Thanks, Charlie

I’m not getting any responses on this. Suggestions on where else I could ask this question?


I also can’t figure this out, anyone that can show us how to setup HTTP authentication on Enterprise Kapacitor?