How to delete data within a time period

Firstly hello to the community - I’ve been using InfluxDB for about a year now but haven’t delved into it very much. My first question is going to be very basic so please bear with me.

I needed to delete some erroneous sensor data from InfluxDB since yesterday (13/08/2020) at 3:50pm. I ran the following command:

use nodered
delete from pergola_sensor where time > 1597333800;

However Grafana now shows no data at all for this measurement, and when I run

show field keys

the measurement called pergola_sensor is no longer there at all.

What have I done wrong?

Hello @hazymat,
Welcome! Good question.
Can you see your measurements?
That is super strange. I don’t experience the same behavior. Can you please submit an issue?
Thank you.