How to connect grafana to influxdbv2 by InfluxQL method

follow the method shown in your attached image and it worked for me, do you still have a problem ?

Thanks a lot guys for this, finally I got it working.
Let me ask one more about the retention policies.
I have a bucket in InfluxDB 2.0 where I set the retention policy to 7 days when I created the bucket on the UI.
I created a DBRP mapping from this bucket the database, and in the dbrp create command I specified the retention policy to autogen which is infinite.
Do you have any idea how the data in the database will behave? I am guessing since this is a mapping, and in the source bucket the data is getting deleted after 7 days, the data in the database will not be kept any longer either. I mean it is not a copy, it is just mapping. Or should I restrict the retention policy in the v1.x database as well manually?

for some reason even after token was provided i was not able to use it to access the INfluXDB

Instead i had to create a InfluxDB V1 user to access the buckets

Hi gentelemen.
I am using InfluxDB 2.1.1 with Grafana 8.3.6.
With Flux activated I am able to access InfluxDB but I am not able to do so with InfluxQL.
I tried everything suggested in this thread without success but possibly I did something wrong.
So can somebody please provide a step by step how to set this up?
Thanks in further.

Go to: Use Grafana with InfluxDB OSS | InfluxDB OSS 2.0 Documentation
Pick InfluxQL

  1. Set header

  2. Fill correctly: (sorry limit to 1 media)
    Fill correctly organization etc

Iā€™m using:

  • Grafana: v8.4.3 (b7d2911cac) (image: grafana/grafana:8.4.3)
  • Influx: image: influxdb:2.1.1-alpine