How to collect disk performance counter of remote windows

Hi Experts

I have already a decaited collect server.

I have a few questions as below:

  1. can I collect disk performance counter of remote windows via [win_perf_counters] ?(telegraf/plugins/inputs/win_perf_counters at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub)

  2. can I point to a special database of influxdb and create a measurement?

because I have already a kafka database in influxdb and I would like to add new measurement into exists kafka database.

if telegraf can do it or any good ideas please advice me.


We don’t currently have support for remote collection with win_perf_counters (github issue).

To send measurements to a specific InfluxDB database you can use the plugins database option, you will probably want to pair it with some of the measurement filtering options if you are sending only some of the measurements to this database. Here is an example of how to configure the output.

I See.
Thanks for your explanation.

I have a another question.

for win_services, can I get win services state of remote ?

No, there is no support for remote collection in win_service input at this time. I think the most common setup is to run Telegraf on each system.

I See.

Thanks for prompt replay