How to backup and restore all dbs in influxdb ver 1.4.2

I was testing full server backups in influxdb 1.4.2 and it seems that does not work !

$ /usr/bin/influxd backup /opt/influxdb/backups/15Jun2018
2018/06/15 17:24:42 backing up metastore to /opt/influxdb/backups/15Jun2018/meta.00
2018/06/15 17:24:42 backup complete

We were all these time backing up individual databases. ( 3 in total )

So whats the best way to recover all the databases from backups

Any help appreciated.

well It seems there is no simple way to do this…

but the documentation

ver 1.4 restore server

works …

Hi ,
you can use the -portable flag starting in version 1.5 to backup all databases
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