How to automate script in influx DB

Hello, I recently create a dashbord with grafana

This dashbord can display the KPI Comparaison in the same graph

But i want to automate my script influxdb

Actualy i do manualy

find below my script

SELECT sum(*****) AS “Today” FROM “Recharge” WHERE time >= ‘2020-12-21T00:00:00Z’ GROUP BY time(1m)

SELECT sum(*******) AS “Yesterday” FROM “Recharge” WHERE time >= ‘2020-12-20T00:00:00Z’ and time <= ‘2020-12-20T23:59:00Z’ GROUP BY time(1m)

You mean, automatically refresh grafana dashboard by timed interval(to fetch fresh data in dashboard) ? If so, you have option in Grafana to do it.