How to add Influx 2.0 in my apt repo?


I’m new to the linux world…, and need help with the following:

Previously I could apt update -> apt upgrade to upgrade to the newest version of influx (pre v2).
How can I add v2 to my ubuntu repository?


Anyone with information about this?

Thanks for the reply, but I can’t find any information about adding influx 2 in my apt repo.
For example, in this link: you can add the repo to apt.

I am currently running influx 2.0.1 and In /etc/apt/sources.list.d/influxdb.list I have:
deb focal stable
Running apt update and apt upgrade it won’t upgrade to 2.0.2.

Hi @Baarken

I think there is no repo available for now.
Does anyone know when the repo will be updated?


That would be of great help for us as well

@scott Any thoughts?

Hi all, we’re working through setting up the packages for 2.x today. I’ll reply here once it’s ready.


v2.0.3 is now live at!

A few notes:

First, to prevent users from accidentally pulling down a breaking change via apt-get upgrade, we chose to move to a new package named influxdb2. The new package is configured to conflict with the old one.

Second, we wrote a new helper script to automate the V1->V2 upgrade process when using the standard paths for these packages. Unfortunately, we forgot to update our packaging logic to include the new script in our .deb and .rpms :man_facepalming: We’ll fix the problem in 2.0.4, but in the meantime you can find it on our GitHub here.


Great! When do you plan to release 2.0.4 with this fix?

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Second, we wrote a new helper script to automate the V1->V2 upgrade process when using the standard paths for these packages.

Thanks for building the upgrade script!
What will occur when the customer has only changed the data path in the influxdb.conf to a different location?
Will the script abort of use these paths to migrate the data to V2?
Or is it possible to define the source and destination data paths when running the upgrade script?
In the best case, the V2 data is written to the same storage device where the v1 data is located.

What will be the correct way to upgrade in that case?


@jostrasser as long as the helper script can find your V1 influxdb.conf file, it should be able to read your V1 data path. V2 output paths are hard-coded to subdirectories of /var/lib/influxdb.

The helper script is a thin wrapper around the influxd upgrade command, which supports custom input/output paths as CLI options. You could run the command yourself w/ all the custom args you want if the higher-level script doesn’t work for you.

Is there a repository for the v2.0.8? I tried using “sudo apt install influxdb2” but it doesn’t work. I use Debian Buster.