How long does Kapacitor internally store data sensitive data. Kapacitor 1.5.7


I’m using Kapacitor 1.5.7 in concert with Telegraf and Influx 2.0. Since Influx 2.0 does not offer subscription API, I’m sending data to Kapacitor as advised in documentation. I need to know if any data send from telegraf via POST to /write endpoint will be retained in Kapacitor Bolt DB and for how long.

Does the Kapacitor store data for as long as the task needs it? Like for example if there would be task, that checks data in 30 days window, it will automatically store data for this task for 30 days?

Its in memory so a reboot will delete it.
it will store the data as long as it needs the data to do processing
but only in memory, unless you ask it to record the data

Thanks, Im running it in kubernetes pod. Im not recording any data, so If I understand correctly, it will live only as long as it is necessary for task to finish it’s work on them.