How can I see raised alert details?



I wonder if I can see details of a raised alert on Chronograf (or any other way)?
I have created “disk used_percent” alert and set lower threshold to raise an alert. 3 alerts have been raised but it is not possible to see alerts’ details on Chronograf. Alert name is not clickable on Chrongraf > Alerting > History section. I couldn’t see mount point detail etc.? Is there any way to see detailed information about raised alerts?




Try to write a tick (mainly copy/paste the one generated…) adding a node (maybe |httpOut(‘alert_detail’) to see the current alert; maybe |log() to see in logs…; |influxDbOut to store the alert…) depending on what you want to see, when to see it and also how to access the info!

If you want them on chronograph (ui) i guess (not sure…) the way to do that is inside the Rule, where you can switch the time and see the measure that rised the threshold in the graph at the bottom, with its details!

Hope this is usefull