How can I receive trigger if deleted data using subscription?

I want to receive trigger on my server if when I delete the data or measurement.

Hello @Vinod_Rawat,
Welcome! sorry for the delay. It looks like this question got buried. What version of InfluxDB are you using? How are you deleting data?

Hello Anaisdg,

Thank you for the response.
I am using the 1.8 version of influxDB.
I deleted multiple ways, used drop , delete and also deleted by timestamp, tag and measurement.

But I am not getting any response in my server, while I set the subscription in influxDB.

Please help for this issue,

Hello @Vinod_Rawat,
I’m I understanding you correctly? Is the issue you’re having that you can’t delete or drop data? Can you please share your attempt as well as the error?
Or are you hoping to create an alert each time you delete data? I’m a little unclear.


Actually I want to get alerts (triggered) in my backend server, If any data will be deleted in influxDB.

subscription details as below:

retention_policy name mode destinations

autogen sub0 ALL [http://localhost:5000/announcerTriggerInflux]

Hello @Vinod_Rawat,
I’m not entirely sure. I’m sharing this question with the InfluxDB team.
In 2.x you could create a task to count your data and alert if the count drops.