Deleted data re-appearing

We’re running influxdb cloud 2.0. We have an issue where we delete timestamps for a given measurement via the node js api, I double check on the data explorer that the data is deleted. Then 12 hours later (overnight) the data re-appears with only some fields populated. I then delete the data again and it is deleted forever.

Could there be some overnight job which re-adds the data ?

The bucket settings are as follows: Retention: Forever, Schema Type: Implicit.

Thanks for any help, we’ve found influxdb otherwise to be a great tool.

Hello @alex_blaza,
Hmm that is weird. My guess is that its a bug in the UI and not the actual DB.
Like if you were to query with an API or CLI you wouldn’t see that data after you delete it.
Are you relying on the UI?
Can you take a moment to test my hypothesis please?