How can I collector metric of kafka via input.kafka (question)

Hi Experts

I would like to collector metric of kafka and insert influxdb via telegraf 1.4.
but I did not find any input.kafka of plugins for metric on the telegraf/plugins/inputs at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub .

how does everyone to do this?
please advice me if you have any good ideas.

My Server information as below:
OS : Windows 2012 R2
influxdb 1.3
telegraf 1.4


If you would like to monitor Kafka itself I recommend using the Jolokia plugin, or if you are using Kafka to transfer metrics then you should use the Kafka Consumer plugin.

Thanks for the prompt replay.
yep, I would like to monitor kafka itself.
I found a article about jmxtrans and influxdb in a fews hours ago.

I think Jolokia and jmxtrans are like.
it seems need to set up agent on each kafka server but i do not like for that(I would not like to spend others resource on kafka server).
is it possible only set up on my monitor server?(if Jolokia can do it)
I am not sure if I am right.


While agent mode does require installing the agent jar on each server, I think it should be possible to use proxy mode which would allow you to not make changes to the Kafka servers.

Here is a description of the two modes.

Thank for sharing and explanation
I think I got a nice way to monitor kafka itself.

have a great day