Host list of Chronograf



Hi. How can I solve the problem with a large number of hosts in the host-list tab? Is it possible somehow to group them for example to remove the visibility of certain hosts? At the moment, to remove a host from the list you need to run DROP SERIES WHERE host = ‘’ but that’s a very long time…

Only interested in part of the display visualize


You will want to wait for a staff member to respond but I can share what I learned at InfluxDays.

The devs said they know this is an issue and there is no work around at this point however they are planning on dealing with this with Influx 2.0 since Chronograf won’t be an individual binary but part of the main Influx 2.0 binary. It is unfortunate but it is what it is at this point.


That’s too bad. I will wait for the new version!