Chronograf only shows Hosts from default database

I’m segragating different customers into different databases for multi-tenancy separation. However the convenience on having a Host list in Chronograf is a bit useless if I can’t change the database. Is this a current limitation or am I missing something?

How are the data sources setup in Chronograf? One for each DB?

I have multiple telegraf agents per location and in each config they are set to report into their own database. For example:


  • database = “customer1”
  • hosts:
    – c1-host1
    – c1-host2
  • database = “customer2”
  • hosts:
    – c2-host1
    – c2-host2

However in chronograf the hosts page only lists the host from the default database “telegraf”. I would like to see the list of hosts for the other databases and their default dashboard.

Ah, I read that as “Grafana” instead of “Chronograf”. Sorry for the confusion. You’re right. This is currently a limitation of Chronograf. I’ve created a feature request to allow populating the Host List page from multiple databases.

As a work around, you could write a Kapacitor script to populate a separate database with a list of all hosts.