High CPU Load on Vsphere while colleting metrics with telegraf

Hi @all,

I’m collecting metrics via telegraf from Vsphere und basically it workds pretty nice.
My only problem is, that Vsphere is getting really slow and has a lot of CPU Load during the collecting process. It makes to big difference if I collect all metrics or just 2.
Vsphere has 4 cores and 16 GB RAM.

Are there any hints how I could lower CPU Load on vsphere or any other performance hints ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

Bye, Dirk

Hi dirk ,

is this something you can use ?

collection_jitter : Collection jitter is used to jitter the collection by a random interval. Each plugin will sleep for a random time within jitter before collecting. This can be used to avoid many plugins querying things like sysfs at the same time, which can have a measurable effect on the system.

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I would also suggest collecting less and collecting less frequently. Disable anything you don’t use, such as instance stats, and use the exclude options to skip any uninteresting items. You can set the interval option on any plugin to control how frequency it gathers metrics.

Hi @all,

thanks a lot for your support !
I will try to exclude unnecessary data.

Bye, Dirk