Help with Telegraf CSV timestamp parsing


I have data in CSV with a timestamp formatted as: 16.10.2020 17:06:47.852892 -0700
I can’t figure out the proper syntax for the csv_timestamp_format.
Any help greatly appreciated.

This is what I have currently:
csv_timestamp_format = “02.01.2006T15:04:05.000000Z-0700” it errors with:

[inputs.file] Error in plugin: parsing time “16.10.2020 17:06:22.830618 -0700” as “02.01.2006T15:04:05.000000Z-07:00”: cannot parse " 17:06:22.830618 -0700" as "T

Hello @alatteri,
You want your timestamp to look like


(or a timestamp with higher precision like 2018-09-13T13:03:280000000Z if you’re using ns precision)
What is the -0700 supposed to mean in your data?

Hi Anaisdg,

Thanks for that info. I believe the -0700 is the timezone.