Hard to find metrics


We have alot of telegraf metrics and other metrics in influx now.
And using chronograf to visualize it is sometimes not so easy.

A disk is running out of free space.

I go to the data explorer to find out which server and which disk is running low.
Now these problems are hard to screenshot so I did a screen recording.
Since I can not upload a video clip of my screen recording, I shared it here:

As you can see its not very easy to find the data you are looking for, when you have a lot of metrics.

  • It does not sort in the order of high to low

  • Sometimes the list gets so long it disappears outside my browser

  • Sometimes the list only shows some data

  • Its very sensitive where the mouse pointer is, making the list flash back and front all the time

Is there a better way to do this?

@hasselrot This is something we have been discussing how to do internally. I’ve gone ahead and dropped this link over there for another example: https://github.com/influxdata/chronograf/issues/1523 If you have any other thoughts on this please add them to the issue!