Handler per sevirity




I am new with Kapacitor and I am trying to figure out how to set a different alert per sevirity.
i.e if info - slack, if warn - email + slack, if crit - pd + slack + email

my alert for example:



I think if you set your stream task to a variable, you can separate out the alerting handlers according to severity - there’s an example in this Github issue.


Hey, It doesn’t work, templates doesn’t support it.


Hi there @gaizeror,

In order to alert based on different severity levels, you will need to use Kapacitor topic handlers with a match condition, in your case, probably the level() function. Here’s a webinar/slideshare that can help you get started. Good luck!


Hey, yeah that’s what I have done eventually, I think it’s too messy that way, there must be a better solution


If you’re able to come up with one, we would love to hear about it!