Topic Handler Match Expression not working as expected



Following is my topic handler definition.

topic: anomaly
id: slack-anomaly
kind: slack
match: level() == CRITICAL
channel: ‘#softwarealerts

My expectation is only critical alerts should be handled by the alert handler.

However I’m getting INFO alerts also.

[root@ip-192-168-33-5 anamoly]# kapacitor show-topic anomaly
ID: anomaly
Level: OK
Collected: 10
Handlers: [slack-anomaly]
Event Level Message Date
merchant=World Of Titan,qcinstance=CARDS,txntype=GIFT CARD ACTIVATE OK Detected up spike between 10:52-10:53

Is my understanding of Match Expression wrong? Please clarify.


For anyone who is facing this issue, please make global flag false in slack handler configuration