Google Cloud PubSub Output Plugin

i have multiple matrix from different networking device and i want to push this matrices to google cloud PubSub or big query so how can i do that? and i have two gmail so how telegraf will know which one to use?

Check out this blog to get your started with the SNMP input plugin. Then for pub sub check out the following plugin: telegraf/plugins/outputs/cloud_pubsub at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub

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hey @Jay_Clifford i have already configured snmp plugin and i am able to store data into my influx but i want to push that data to google big-query or pubsub.
i have two gmail how pubsub will know where to push the data.

Hi @Rajnish_Kumar,
I sent you the Telegraf output plugin for Google pubsub. As seen in the configuration you are required to specify the project and topic for your pubsub. This will define where the data should be written to.

telegraf/plugins/outputs/cloud_pubsub at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub

hi @Jay_Clifford i want to use google big query plugin.
so i am unable to obtain credential file of google big query.

Hi @Rajnish_Kumar,
My apologies, in your previous messages you said either-or. Sadly you are required to point to a credentials file to validate your connection to big query: telegraf/plugins/outputs/bigquery at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub

This is based on the underlining SDK being used. If you have another expectation of authentication it would be great if you could leave a feature request.


Hi @Jay_Clifford i want to know about this credential file.
credentials_file = “/path/to/service/account/key.json”
in gcp we will have to generate only key.json or whole path.

Hi @Rajnish_Kumar,
So you just need to generate the key.json file. You can then download this and place it in the same device / VM you are running telegraf on. From there you can point credentials_file to your key.json