Gnmi plugin - notifications

Hi all,
I’ve submitted a similar question as a support request on github, but then had a (late) thought that duplicating it here won’t harm.

I"m testing telegraf with gnmi input plugin. The network device is sending telemetry data over gnmi. I’m subscribing using gnmi client and telegraf gnmp plugin.

Both provide similar output apart from the event when the network device withdraws a route previously installed into the routing table.

The event triggers DELETE notification message. It is seen in gnmi client output, but not in telegraf.

Is that a some kind of bug or gnmi plugin does not support notifications ?

Here is the output from the client.
route installed:

[2021-08-05T06:53:41.432885884Z] /Smash/routing/status/route/ = “”
[2021-08-05T06:53:41.432885884Z] /Smash/routing/status/route/ = {“value”:0}
[2021-08-05T06:53:41.432885884Z] /Smash/routing/status/route/ = 4294967240
[2021-08-05T06:53:41.432885884Z] /Smash/routing/status/route/ = ibgp
[2021-08-05T06:53:41.432885884Z] /Smash/routing/status/route/ = {“value”:12884902005}

Route deleted:
[2021-08-05T06:53:42.438801058Z] Deleted /Smash/routing/status/route/

Backup route installed:
[2021-08-05T06:53:42.543358739Z] /Smash/routing/status/route/ = “”
[2021-08-05T06:53:42.543358739Z] /Smash/routing/status/route/ = {“value”:0}
[2021-08-05T06:53:42.543358739Z] /Smash/routing/status/route/ = 4294967240
[2021-08-05T06:53:42.543358739Z] /Smash/routing/status/route/ = ebgp
[2021-08-05T06:53:42.543358739Z] /Smash/routing/status/route/ = {“value”:12884972818}

Now the output collected from gnmi plugin.

Route installed:
routing,host=lzlbtvap1096,path=/Smash/routing/status/route,source=“”,,,“ibgp”, 1628146421432885884

then nothing about delete event. Next record is about the backup route:

routing,host=lzlbtvap1096,path=/Smash/routing/status/route,source=,,“ebgp”,,“” 1628146422543358739

Hello @ankirich,
I’m not sure. @popey can you help here please?